Amy Satori, Show Host

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Amy Satori comes from a corporate background with many years of Executive Assisting and Marketing under her belt as well as years as a Community Relations Director in the retirement living industry although her entire childhood and early twenties were devoted to animals.  She became a Certified Wrangler after many years of 4-H showing Western Pleasure and Trail. She left the corporate world to become a Positive Reinforcement Animal Trainer.

After many years living in a haunted house, training in Qigong energy healing, making teaching videos online, studying "freedom teachers", and having had a profound enlightenment experience, she became an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor in Granbury, Texas. She grew in popularity and started doing group appearances and shows before deciding to come to Boulder. She is currently headquartered out of The Lighthouse Bookstore of Boulder , Colorado (Th - Sat 11:30-7:30), but is also available for remote or personal sessions through her website.

She is a Certified Peace Minister, Fairyologist, has been trained in multiple levels of qigong healing, is a Medium, speaks Light Language, talks with people and pets alive and deceased. And after 20 years of friendship, Kevin told Amy he wanted to start a podcast to really showcase her skills and abilities and gain her more exposure because he believed in her and really felt, intuitively, that all she needed was for more people to know about her and she'd "be a star" as he felt she, and the whole world, deserved. ...And The Satori Show was born! 


Trenton Dallas (“TD”)


TD is our Call Screener who greets callers, answers callers questions, finds out what they’re calling about, and asks their name so he can give Amy a heads up as to who is just listening and who has a question.